Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key is a powerful photo organizing and managing software that makes it easy to sort through large collections of images and videos. With features like facial recognition, duplicate finding, custom tags, and more, Idimager streamlines the process of organizing personal and professional photo libraries.

Key Benefits of Using Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key

Saves time organizing large photo libraries

The biggest benefit of using Idimager Photo Supreme Full version crack is the huge time savings when organizing photos. The intelligent algorithms do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by sorting images based on date, detecting faces, and finding duplicates. This makes organizing and searching thousands of photos incredibly easy compared to tedious manual sorting.

Finds duplicate photos to recover storage space

Having duplicate images scattered across your hard drives takes up valuable storage space. Idimager identifies duplicate photos with matching timestamps, filenames, and visual matches. You can then easily review and delete the copies to free up storage. For professional photographers with massive libraries, this can recover gigabytes of space.

Powerful facial recognition makes searching photos a breeze

Idimager Activation key automatically recognizes faces in photos and groups all images of a person together. This makes finding photos of specific people incredibly fast. No more forgetting names or who was in a photo from years ago. Just search for their name and see all matched faces.

Customizable tag system to categorize photos The flexible tagging system allows creating custom tags to categorize images any way you like. Add tags for events, locations, people, or other taxonomies relevant to your photo collection. Applying tags makes future filtering and search easy.

Works well for personal and professional use Idimager Download free is versatile software suitable for both amateur photographers managing personal collections and professional photographers with client work. The different subscription plans are priced appropriately for each use case.

Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key

Powerful Facial Recognition Feature

One of the most useful features Idimager offers is the facial recognition engine. This works by detecting patterns and shapes in faces to identify who the person is.

Once a face is recognized, Idimager groups all photos of that person together. A simple name search then pulls up every matched image.

The more photos of a person you have, the better Idimager becomes at recognizing their face. It even detects faces at different ages, with sunglasses, and from different angles.

Having all images of people neatly organized makes digging back through old photos incredibly easy. You’ll never have to struggle trying to remember who was in a photo from a past vacation or event again.

Find and Manage Duplicate Photos

With modern digital photography, it’s easy to end up with duplicate copies of images scattered across your system. This redundancy wastes hard drive space.

Idimager makes it easy to reclaim that wasted space by identifying duplicate photos. It scans your entire library, compares file sizes, timestamps, filenames, and even visual similarity to detect matching images.

The intuitive management interface shows you potential duplicate sets. You can then review them side-by-side and delete unnecessary copies with one click.

For professional photographers managing massive libraries with redundant raw and edited image pairs, finding duplicates can recover gigabytes of space.

Customizable Tagging System

Idimager allows creating a customized tag structure to categorize and organize photos based on your needs.

Add tags for specific events like weddings, birthdays, vacations etc. Or tag based on locations like cities, countries, or landmarks. You can also tag people’s names or relationships.

With a well-organized tag structure applied, future searches and filters become a breeze. Simply filter your library down to the specific event or person you want.

The tags make navigating large collections much easier compared to folder-based organization. They also simplify sharing relevant category-based albums.

Additional Useful Features

Geotagging and maps – Idimager provides maps and geotags photos based on EXIF location data. View your library plotted on a world map.

EXIF data viewer – Quickly access detailed image metadata like date, camera settings, resolution etc.

Non-destructive editing – Perform edits like cropping and adjustments without overwriting originals.

Social media sharing – Directly share images to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Video slideshows – Create slick slideshows combining photos and videos with transitions and music.

Print module – Design customizable photo prints, books, calendars, and collages.

Idimager Photo Supreme Plans

Idimager is available in three versions catering to different use cases:

Plan Features Price
Basic Up to 5,000 photos
Facial recognition
Basic editing
Advanced Up to 250,000 photos
Duplicates finder
Pro editing
Pro Unlimited photos
All features
Plugin ecosystem
Priority support

The Basic plan is ideal for amateur photographers with smaller collections. Pro photographers who need to manage massive libraries will benefit most from the Pro plan with unlimited photos.

Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key

Conclusion & Verdict

Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key makes organizing and managing photo collections far easier. The powerful algorithms handle time-consuming tasks like tagging faces and finding duplicates for you.

The customizable tag system provides flexibility to organize large libraries exactly how you want. And features like batch editing enable managing photos efficiently.

If you have a photo collection that’s gotten out of control, Idimager can help rein it in. The time savings are huge, especially for professional photographers. And regaining hard drive space by deleting duplicates is invaluable.

Overall, Idimager Photo Supreme Free download earns our recommendation as a top choice for wrangling large photo libraries into shape. The program saves vast amounts of manual effort so you can spend time behind the camera lens instead of in front of the computer screen.

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