VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen is a powerful and versatile video editing software suitable for both novice users and experienced video editors. The pro version unlocks additional advanced features beyond the capabilities of the free VSDC editor, making it an ideal choice for prosumers, social media creators, YouTubers, and small business marketing teams that need to produce high-quality videos.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using VSDC Video Editor Pro, from a overview of its key features to details on pricing options. Whether you’re looking to step up from basic video editing or want to take on more complex and professional projects, VSDC Pro has the tools to meet your needs.

What is VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen?

VSDC Video Editor Pro Free download is the premium paid version of the VSDC free video editor. It builds upon the capabilities of the free software with additional key features targeted at semi-pro creators and marketers with more advanced video production needs.

Some of the standout features of the VSDC Pro version include:

  • Multi-track timeline for working with multiple video, audio, image layers
  • Advanced color correction tools
  • Masking abilities for applying filters to specific areas
  • Support for 360? video editing
  • Hardware acceleration for improved rendering speeds
  • Screen recording
  • Extended export options and enhanced codecs

In particular, the multi-track timeline unlocks more complex editing abilities to handle layered projects involving chroma keying, audio mixing, picture-in-picture, overlays, and more.

The Pro version also removes the watermark on exports and enables output at up to 4K resolution, meeting the needs of professional YouTube creators.

Vsdc Video Editor Pro Keygen

Use Cases and Target Users

VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen serves a range of users across different industries that have outgrown basic entry-level video editors and need faster performance and more controls. Some of the main use cases include:

YouTubers and Vloggers

The masking, multi-track editing, and 360 video support provides YouTubers and vloggers greater creative control when producing videos. This allows creating more polished, custom-branded content.


Marketing teams can use VSDC Pro’s advanced features like motion tracking and freeze frame for producing engaging promotional and social media videos showcasing products/services.

Students and Teachers

The Pro edition adds tools for educators to create educational tutorial videos and for students to make projects combining footage, images, text, and audio.

SMBs and Freelancers

The affordable licensing models make VSDC Pro accessible for small business owners and freelance video producers needing an editing solution more robust than entry-level consumer software.

Benefits and Advantages of VSDC Pro

What sets VSDC Video Editor Pro apart from basic free video editors? Here are some of the core benefits that make it a worthwhile upgrade:

No Watermark

The Pro edition removes all watermarking from exports, enabling clean video output for professional use.

Multi-Track Timeline

The ability to combine unlimited layers of video, images, audio, text, and graphics unlocks more advanced editing techniques.

4K Export

You can export finished videos at up to 4K resolution to meet quality needs for online platforms and Ultra HD displays.

Hardware Acceleration

Optimized to leverage NVIDIA and AMD GPUs for significantly faster rendering, especially when working with high-res footage.

Advanced Creative Tools

From chroma keying to mask filters to subtitles, VSDC Pro provides a toolkit enabling YouTubers and marketers to realize their creative vision.

Wide Format Compatibility

VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen works with just about any video, image, and audio format needed for professional multi-media projects involving diverse assets.

Interface and Workflow

Those familiar with basic video editing software will find the layout and core editing workflow very intuitive in Download free VSDC Video Editor Pro. Here’s an overview of the main interface components and how the editing process flows:

Import Media

Add video, audio, and image files from your computer to the media library. Support for most common formats.

Arrange Timeline

Drag and arrange clips on the multi-track timeline. Cut, trim, split clips as needed. Add transitions, text, effects.

Preview Edits

View your sequence as you build it in the preview window. Scrub through the timeline.

Refine Editing

Use the tools to refine your edit: color correction, chroma keying, stabilization, mask filters, etc.

Add Finishing Touches

Apply overlays, animations, subtitles, credits. Enhance audio. Finalize transitions.

Export Video

Export in desired format and resolution. Remove watermark. Upload to YouTube, social media.

While the workflow follows similar logical steps as other video editors, the tools and advanced features of VSDC Pro give users greater creative abilities.

Key Features and Tools

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the standout tools and features of VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen that enable next-level video production:

Multi-Track Video Editing

  • Easily arrange multiple video clips, images, audio files, graphics, and text on an unlimited number of tracks on the timeline
  • Move layers seamlessly both vertically to stack tracks and horizontally to trim and adjust timing
  • Add transitions between clips on the same track or between different tracks
  • Allows for complex projects combining green screen footage, custom animations, picture-in-picture, compositing, and more

Masking abilities

  • Apply filters, color grading, blur, and other effects to specific portions of your video
  • Use keyframe animation to smoothly move and resize mask shapes over time
  • For example, selectively blur a background behind a subject or intensify colors only on a specific area

Chroma Key (Green Screen)

  • Record footage against a green backdrop, then replace with custom backgrounds in the editor
  • Includes options like green screen smoothing, color spill reduction, matte enhancement for professional keying
  • Allows overlaying presenters onto animated/video backgrounds, virtual sets, etc.

Color Correction Tools

  • Manually adjust color parameters like exposure, contrast, hue, saturation, temperature
  • For more controlled correction, use the vectorscope, waveforms, histograms
  • Create custom LUTs (lookup tables) to achieve a unique colored look

Hardware Acceleration

  • Supports GPU encoding/decoding via Intel, Nvidia (CUDA), AMD for faster rendering
  • Uses your graphics card’s resources to significantly boost export speeds, especially with high resolution like 4K
  • Helpful when exporting long-form videos or projects involving many effects

Screen Recording

  • Record your screen directly into the editor to capture gameplay, software tutorials, product demos, etc.
  • Schedule recordings, capture microphone, and system audio
  • Annotate videos with cursor highlights, text captions, webcam overlay

360? Video Editing

  • Import and work with 360-degree footage from cameras like Insta360
  • Adds viewing modes to preview the 360 environment within the editor
  • Apply transitions and effects that work smoothly across the 360 space

Wide Format Support

  • Work with just about any video, image, and audio format needed for professional projects
  • Includes essential codecs like ProRes, HEVC/H.265, Photo JPEG, RAW images
  • Ensures you can import media from any source without compatibility issues


  • Create and add subtitle tracks to your videos
  • Manually enter timestamps and caption text or import SRT files
  • Control styling like font, color, size, background, positioning
  • Display captions in exported videos for greater accessibility

These are just some of the many tools that enable creators to produce professional-level videos in VSDC. It’s an incredibly robust toolkit packed into intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Exporting Videos

Once your video edit is complete, VSDC makes it easy to export in the formats and resolutions you need for publishing across platforms.

Some key things to know about exporting from Full version crack VSDC Video Editor Pro:


Export up to 4K resolution or even 8K with HEVC codec. Or choose HD 1080p or 720p for smaller files.


Export in common formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV. Useful for YouTube, Vimeo, social media.


Utilize codecs like H.264, HEVC (H.265), ProRes for quality and compression.

Aspect Ratio

Maintain correct widescreen aspect like 16:9 or vertical 9:16 for different uses.

Output Quality

Control output quality settings like bitrate, GOP size, profile. Optimize for size vs quality as needed.

No Watermark

All exports are watermark free, unlike the free version of VSDC.

Direct Uploading

Send videos directly to YouTube or Google Drive right from the export dialogue box.

Overall, VSDC Pro provides the export flexibility today’s creators need for publishing across the web and different devices.

System Requirements

While suitable for most modern Windows PCs, here are the official minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)

CPU: Intel Core i5


GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or later

For hardware acceleration benefiting 4K editing, an NVIDIA GeForce 600 series or AMD Radeon HD 5000 series card or newer is recommended. VSDC utilizes CUDA and OpenCL for GPU encoding/decoding.

Hard Drive: At least 2GB free space for program installation plus additional space for media files. An SSD drive is ideal for optimal performance.

Supported Import/Export Formats

VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen works with an extensive range of media formats:

  • Image: BMP, GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, TIFF, HEIF, RAW formats
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, OGG, FLAC, PCM, AAC
  • Other: VSDC project files, subtitles (SRT, ASS), 360 metadata (XML-based)

This covers virtually any file type you’ll encounter when sourcing assets for your video project.

Accessibility Features

While not as robust as some professional-grade editors, VSDC does incorporate some helpful accessibility features:

  • Keyboard shortcuts – Navigate the editor and perform common tasks using simple key commands.
  • High contrast skin – Invert interface colors to high contrast dark mode.
  • Zoom – Magnify timeline for those with visual impairments.
  • External monitor support – Use a secondary monitor for larger workspace.

For hearing-impaired needs, VSDC enables adding subtitles and closed captions to videos. Users with motor difficulties can utilize a standard mouse, scroll wheel, and keyboard shortcuts to operate the software.

Pricing and Licensing

VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen is available under the following licensing options:

  • Perpetual license – One-time purchase from $19.99 (for personal use) up to $59.99 (for commercial).
  • Subscription – 1 year for $2.50/month or $29.99 annually.
  • Free trial – Fully functional free trial for 30 days.

The perpetual license never expires and includes 1 year of free updates after purchase. The subscription plan includes all updates during the active subscription period.

Overall, VSDC Pro is very competitively priced compared to other prosumer and semi-pro editing software. Considering the expansive feature set, it offers excellent value.

Vsdc Video Editor Pro Keygen


For creators, marketers, educators, SMBs, and freelance producers needing to level up beyond beginner video editing, VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen is an excellent option balancing advanced tools, performance, and affordability.

The multi-track timeline expands your editing possibilities for combining different media types. GPU-accelerated rendering speeds up workflow. And a full suite of chroma keying, color grading, masking, and effects tools helps realize professional results.

Yet despite its pro-oriented toolset, VSDC Pro retains an accessible interface with workflow new users can grasp quickly. Flexible pricing tiers also make this a cost-effective option for many budgets.

Whether you’re looking for your first “real” video editor or want to upgrade from entry-level options, Free download VSDC Video Editor Pro Keygen deserves strong consideration. It hits that sweet spot between consumer apps and overbuilt professional platforms.

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