Simplewall Crack is an open source Windows firewall tool that replaces the default Windows firewall to provide enhanced network traffic filtering and security capabilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Simplewall Full version crack to lock down your Windows PC.

What is Simplewall for Windows?

Simplewall Crack is a free, open source application for Windows that serves as an advanced firewall. It gives you granular control over inbound and outbound network traffic for extra security and privacy.

Some key capabilities of Simplewall Free download include:

  • Filtering traffic based on preset rules and custom policies
  • Selectively blocking or allowing applications from accessing the network
  • Extensive logging of all network activity for monitoring
  • Blacklisting or whitelisting IP address ranges
  • Protection against malware, viruses and network threats

Unlike the built-in Windows firewall which is basic and limited, Simplewall provides much more flexible traffic blocking and allows even greater insight into network connections.

Simplewall Crack

How Does the Simplewall Firewall Work?

Simplewall Download free works by monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic on your PC and filtering it based on an allow/deny philosophy.

As network packets attempt to either enter or exit your system, Simplewall intercepts them and checks against its configured rules and policies. It will then either block dangerous or unwanted traffic, or allow safe traffic to pass through.

Rules can filter traffic based on parameters like the application involved, IP address, protocol, port number and so on. For example, you can set a rule blocking a torrent program from making outbound connections, while allowing your web browser unfettered access.

The firewall runs quietly in the background, requiring no interaction while providing silent protection. You can however access extensive logging and connection data when desired.

Core Features and Capabilities

Some of the core features that make Simplewall such a robust firewall solution include:

Application Filtering

Selectively block or allow applications from being able to access the network. For improved security, restrict access on a per-app basis.

Advanced Logging

Simplewall logs all network activity in detail to let you identify potential threats or root causes. Access full connection data including traffic direction, IPs, ports and more.

Blacklist and Whitelist

Quickly block or allow traffic from specific IP address ranges. Blacklist dangerous IPs associated with malware, while whitelisting trusted IP ranges like your office.


Configure different rulesets with custom filters and restrictions, then easily switch between them for different networks and scenarios.

Easy to Use GUI

Despite being highly configurable under the hood, Simplewall offers an intuitive and easy to use graphical interface for managing all firewall settings.

How to Install and Setup Simplewall Crack

Installing and setting up Simplewall only takes a few minutes:

  1. Download the latest version of Simplewall Crack from our site.

  2. Run the installer executable and grant admin access when prompted.

  3. Walk through the setup wizard, leaving options at their defaults.

  4. Open Simplewall and allow it through Windows Defender if requested.

  5. Simplewall will automatically begin filtering with a default allow traffic policy until custom rules are defined.

With Simplewall installed, you can begin customizing it to suit your security preferences.

Configuring Simplewall Rules and Policies

Out of the box, Simplewall applies minimal filtering, allowing all traffic. To gain the full benefit, you’ll want to configure custom rules and policies:

  • Create allow or block rules – Add rules that explicitly allow or deny traffic for specific apps, IPs, ports etc. Set rule precedence with priority numbers.

  • Make rules permanent – Toggle important rules to always remain in effect versus clearing after each reboot.

  • Filter various protocols – Block unneeded protocols like NetBIOS or ICMP pings. Allow essentials like HTTP.

  • Leverage blacklist and whitelist – Quickly blacklist or whitelist IP ranges instead of individual IPs.

  • Schedule rules – Set time windows for when rules should be active or inactive. Restrict kids’ games to weekends only for example.

  • Monitor new apps – Auto block and prompt for access decisions on newly-installed applications.

Simplewall Interface and Usage Walkthrough

The Simplewall interface makes it easy to manage all your firewall policies and settings:

  • Running Processes – View all processes with active network connections and block those desired.
  • Rules – Manage allow/block rules and priorities here. Right click to edit or delete.
  • Logs – Search and filter all logged network events and activity.
  • Smartscreen – See real-time network connections with country flags and traffic data.
  • Settings – Configure general options, updates, notifications and more.

With a little familiarization, the intuitive interface makes Simplewall very straightforward to operate.

Simplewall Benefits and Drawbacks

Simplewall can provide significant security advantages:


  • Improved protection against malware, exploits and viruses
  • Granular filtering of network traffic for privacy
  • Lightweight performance impact vs heavy antivirus suites
  • Transparency of being open source
  • Greater control over app network access
  • Powerful logging and insights into traffic

Potential Drawbacks

  • Learning curve for all the configuration options
  • Manual rule and policy creation can be time consuming
  • May cause connectivity issues with some apps
  • Lacks a few advanced features of paid firewall options

For the vast majority of users however, the pros of Simplewall easily outweigh any limitations.

Simplewall Alternatives

Some alternatives to Simplewall include:

  • Windows Firewall – The built-in option but less configurable and relying on platform maintainers for updates
  • Comodo – Veteran firewall solution with very advanced options but also commercial
  • Glasswire – User-friendly firewall focussed on pretty visualizations
  • TinyWall – Minimalist lightweight option lacking some features
  • Windows 10 Firewall Control – Customizes native Windows firewall adding functionality

Simplewall Crack however stacks up well against competitors, offering the best blend of security, control and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Simplewall work with Windows 11?

Yes, Simplewall Free download is fully compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, and even older Windows versions. It maintains regular updates.

Will Simplewall slow down my PC or internet?

Simplewall is designed for low overhead. Most users experience little to no performance impact from running the firewall. Some very restrictive configurations may affect bandwidth however.

What are the system requirements for Simplewall?

As a lightweight application, Simplewall Download free works on any PC running reasonably modern Windows versions. Minimum requirements are Windows Vista SP2 and .NET Framework 2.0.


Simplewall Crack provides an excellent open source firewall alternative for Windows, unlocking greater visibility and control over your network traffic. With its intuitive interface and extensive configuration options, you can easily dial in the right set of policies for your security preferences and threat environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your Windows firewall protection, Simplewall is hard to beat.

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