Keeping your computer running smoothly is critical, but over time, junk files, caches, broken shortcuts, and other types of clutter accumulate and negatively impact performance. Wise Disk Cleaner Crack is a free disk cleaning utility for Windows that helps reclaim storage space and boost speed by removing gigabytes of unnecessary files with just a few clicks.

What is Wise Disk Cleaner and Why Use It?

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack is an easy-to-use junk file cleaning program for Windows. It frees up disk space by searching for and removing unneeded temporary files, caches, logs, broken shortcuts, and other “junk” cluttering up your drives.

Cleaning your disk with Wise Disk Cleaner Free download provides a number of key benefits:

  • Frees Up Significant Storage Space: By removing gigabytes of unnecessary temporary files, caches, logs, and other clutter, Wise Disk Cleaner can help recover substantial storage capacity on your drives.

  • Speeds Up Your PC: Eliminating junk files helps your computer run faster by removing bloat and ensuring your drives aren’t filled up.

  • Improves Performance: Disk cleaning improves system performance and stability by clearing out useless system files not needed for proper operation.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Wise Disk Cleaner offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Options are clearly laid out and scanning/cleaning your system is simple.

  • Customizable Cleaning: The program allows you to customize exactly what types of files get targeted in scans before cleaning them. Review and select only what you want removed.

  • Secure Deletion: The integrated drive wiper can securely and permanently delete files, overwriting the data multiple times.

Cleaning your disk manually using Windows native tools can be a slow and frustrating process. Wise Disk Cleaner provides faster, more comprehensive cleaning to reclaim storage space and make your computer run like new again.

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack

Key Features and Benefits

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack comes packed with a number of useful features that make it a versatile, user-friendly utility for freeing up drive space:

Junk File Removal

The core function of Wise Disk Cleaner is scanning your system for unneeded files that can be safely deleted to recover storage capacity. It targets temporary files, caches, logs, broken shortcuts, residual Windows installation files, and more.

App Uninstaller

Quickly uninstall Windows applications, removing all associated files and registry entries. Prevents orphaned files from taking up space.

Registry Cleaner

Scans the Windows registry for invalid, obsolete, and corrupt entries and fixes identified issues. Helps avoid performance problems.

Drive Wiper

Securely and permanently deletes files by overwriting data multiple times. Great for completely erasing sensitive files.


Automate disk cleaning by setting Wise Disk Cleaner to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule at a time of your choosing.

Portable Version

The portable version allows Wise Disk Cleaner Crack to run from a USB drive without needing installation. Clean computers on the go.

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How Does Wise Disk Cleaner Work?

Wise Disk Cleaner Full version crack makes scanning and cleaning your drives easy with a user-friendly workflow:

1. Scan Drives

Start by running a scan on your computer’s drives, including hard drives or external USB drives. The initial scan searches for junk files that can be safely deleted.

2. Preview and Select Files

Before deleting anything, you can preview the list of found files. Deselect any items you don’t want removed.

3. Clean Drives

After previewing and selecting the files to delete, click Clean to safely remove all the unnecessary junk files freeing up storage capacity.

Advanced Features

Some of the more advanced features include:

  • Deep Registry Scan: Checks for invalid registry entries related to missing files or broken paths that cause instability.

  • Drive Wiper: Securely overwrite deleted files making them unrecoverable. Customize number of passes.

  • Scheduler: Set automated scans to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to maintain a clean system.

Types of Files Cleaned

Wise Disk Cleaner targets a wide array of common junk file types when cleaning Windows systems:

  • Temporary Files (.tmp)
  • Log Files (.log)
  • Memory Dumps
  • Broken Shortcuts
  • Residual Windows Installers
  • Recycle Bin
  • Browser Caches/History
  • Application Caches
  • And more

Adjusting the settings before scanning allows control over the types of files focused on.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Wise Disk Cleaner Crack

Cleaning up your drives with Wise Disk Cleaner only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

1. Download and Install Wise Disk Cleaner

Download the latest version of the free Wise Disk Cleaner utility. Be sure to grab the installer for your Windows version (32-bit or 64-bit).

There is also a portable version available that can run from a USB drive without needing installation.

2. Run Initial Scan

Open Wise Disk Cleaner and click the Scan button to start scanning your computer’s drives for junk files.

Use the options panel before scanning to customize what file types get targeted. Typically the default settings work well for an initial clean.

3. Preview and Select Files to Delete

Once the scan finishes, you’ll be presented with a list of found unnecessary files organized into categories like Temporary Files, Browser Caches, Recycle Bin, etc.

Review the list and deselect any items you don’t want removed.

4. Clean Drives

After previewing and selecting files, click the Clean button to safely remove all selected items, freeing up valuable disk space.

5. Scan and Clean Registry

Use the Registry Tools section to scan for any invalid, obsolete, and corrupt registry entries. Fix identified issues to clean the registry and avoid performance problems.

6. Securely Wipe Drives

For permanently deleting sensitive files, use the integrated Drive Wiper which overwrites data to prevent forensic recovery.

7. Schedule Automatic Cleans

Speed up the cleaning process by using the Scheduler to set Wise Disk Cleaner to run scans daily, weekly, or monthly in the background.

Following these simple steps will have your PC cleaned up in no time!

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Wise Disk Cleaner Pro Version Overview

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack Free contains all the core functionality needed for cleaning Windows systems. There is also a Pro version with added benefits:

  • Faster Scanning and Cleaning: Pro uses advanced algorithms for up to 100% faster scans and junk removal.

  • Additional Filters and Tools: Extra options like empty folder finder and advanced registry cleaner provide more cleaning capabilities.

  • Enhanced Scheduler: Schedule scans down to the hour along with sequential scans for most thorough cleaning.

  • Free Technical Support: Get your Wise Disk Cleaner questions answered by knowledgeable support staff.

  • Other Bonus Tools: Additional system utilities like process manager, startup optimizer, and file recovery.

While not essential, Pro version users will enjoy faster performance and bonus tools for enhanced disk cleaning.

Tips for Using Wise Disk Cleaner Effectively

Follow these tips to get the most out of Download free Wise Disk Cleaner Crack and avoid potential issues:

  • Always update Wise Disk Cleaner to the latest version before running scans. Updates improve scanning efficiency and accuracy.

  • Consider backing up the registry before using the registry cleaner in case any critical entries get removed.

  • Review scan logs to identify the largest culprits consuming space on your drives.

  • Initially exclude custom folders and file types you never want deleted to be cautious.

  • Adjust the “Scan Depth” settings based on your priorities between faster scans or more thorough cleaning.

  • Quarantine any malware infections before running Wise Disk Cleaner to avoid spreading issues.

  • Close other disk-intensive applications when cleaning for smoothest operation and best performance.

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Comparisons to Similar Software

How does Wise Disk Cleaner Crack stack up to alternatives like CCleaner, BleachBit, and Windows native Disk Cleanup?

Wise Disk Cleaner vs CCleaner

CCleaner historically has been a popular disk cleaning utility but has gained a reputation for being acquired by Avast Antivirus and installing unwanted extra software during setup. Wise Disk Cleaner provides cleaner installs and comparable junk cleaning without the unwanted extras.

Wise Disk Cleaner vs BleachBit

BleachBit is a free and open-source cleaner, however, the interface is dated and configuration requires editing text files. Wise Disk Cleaner provides simpler point-and-click scanning and cleaning options accessible to beginner users.

Wise Disk Cleaner vs Windows Disk Cleanup

Microsoft’s built-in Disk Cleanup can remove some basic unnecessary Windows files but lacks registry cleaning capabilities and fails to target many common junk file types that consume space. Wise Disk Cleaner offers significantly more comprehensive cleaning.

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack


Keeping your hard drives free of junk files is critical for maintaining peak system performance and recovering valuable disk space. Wise Disk Cleaner Crack excels as an easy-to-use and highly effective free disk cleaning utility for Windows.

With junk file removal, registry cleaning, secure deletion, and other advanced options, Wise Disk Cleaner has all the necessary tools for deep cleaning your system. The intuitive interface also makes it accessible for beginner users who want to reclaim storage capacity and speed up their PCs.

If you haven’t already, download Wise Disk Cleaner Crack today and see the benefits of a freshly cleaned system with more available space and fewer performance issues caused by clutter. It’s one of the best free utilities available for routine PC maintenance.

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