Hitek Software Autokrypt Keygen is an advanced data encryption platform designed to provide enterprise-grade protection for sensitive information. With robust features like end-to-end encryption, granular access controls, and air-gapped infrastructure, Autokrypt enables organizations to lock down confidential data across networks, storage, and devices.

What is Hitek Software Autokrypt Keygen?

  • Hitek Software is an established cybersecurity provider focused on encryption and key management
  • Autokrypt is their flagship product that safeguards sensitive data via powerful cryptographic techniques
  • Utilizes AES-256, RSA, SSL/TLS protocols to encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Deploys end-to-end encryption so that only authorized parties can access plaintext data

Some key features and capabilities:

  • Device, document, and external media encryption
  • Isolated key management server with optional HSM
  • Access control policies, data separation, user authentication
  • Criminal background checks for personal with encryption key access
  • GDPR, HIPAA, PCI compliance reporting

Hitek Software Autokrypt Keygen provides fine-grained control over sensitive data across entire environments. Its hardened key management protects encryption keys while accelerated encryption/decryption preserves productivity.

Hitek Software Autokrypt Keygen

Benefits and Use Cases

Hitek Software Autokrypt Full version crack delivers a software-based encryption platform addressing common data protection and regulatory scenarios:

Data Security

Autokrypt implements defense-in-depth encryption to prevent unauthorized data access. Its endpoint encryption prevents data leakage if devices are lost or stolen. The separation of duties ensures decrypted key material never touches systems with encrypted data.

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Regulatory Compliance

The solution assists with compliance for regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS when handling protected health information (PHI) or credit card data. It has out-of-the-box controls and reports mapping in key compliance standard requirements.

Safeguarding Sensitive Information

For press-worthy intellectual property, classified documents in government agencies, attorney-client privileged communications and any other truly sensitive information risks, Hitek Software Autokrypt Free download applies empirical protections to match the risks.

Technical Specifications

Hitek Software Autokrypt Keygen utilizes industry standard and proven encryption algorithms across the product:

  • AES-256 symmetric encryption
  • RSA public key infrastructure
  • SSL/TLS secure communications

It runs on all major operating systems including Windows Server, Linux, Mac OS X. There are client components for Windows and Linux desktops. Hitek Software Autokrypt Download free integrates with CIFS/NFS networked storage, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and other enterprise application data stores.

The web console enables centralized management and zero-trust security capabilities like 2FA, role-based access and more.

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • Key Authority node: 64 GB RAM, 16 vCPUs
  • HSM: Luna Network HSM 7300
  • Client components – 2GB RAM

Hitek engineering and support work closely with customer teams on capacity planning for petabyte-scale unstructured data environments.

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Purchasing Considerations

Hitek Software Autokrypt Keygen offers both cloud-hosted and on-premise deployment options. A proof-of-concept lab environment helps customers validate the technology against real operational scenarios and data use cases before purchasing. Cost depends on:

  • Deployment model: SaaS or installed platform
  • Infrastructure: customer-hosted or Hitek-managed
  • Data volume and encryption needs
  • Service and support level requirements

All purchases include baseline onboarding services along with web-based learning content on the Autokrypt platform. More advanced features like custom key policies, security plans mapped to regulations and system hardening incur services fees.

Ongoing support starts at 15% of license costs – covering major/minor updates and 9×5 ticketed assistance. More advanced support options are available including parts replacement guarantees.


Hitek Software Autokrypt Keygen applies military-grade encryption, rigorous key management and precision access controls to simplify data protection. It reduces the risk of catastrophic data breaches while providing centralized visibility across diffuse encryption controls.

Organizations struggling to comply with expanding regulations or truly lock down their most valuable information assets can leverage Autokrypt for robust and scalable data-centric security.

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