Screenhunter Pro Serial key is powerful screen capture and image editing software used to create visual guides, tutorials, training materials and more. This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know about using Screenhunter Pro Full version crack.

What is Screenhunter Pro Serial key?

Screenhunter Pro Download free is a full-featured screen capture program that goes beyond basic screenshot tools. Key features include:

  • Full Page Capture – Take screenshots of entire web pages, documents or application windows that require scrolling. Automatically stitches together full page images.

  • Image Editor – Annotate and edit screenshots right within Screenhunter. Add text, arrows, shapes, highlights, blurring and more.

  • Video Recording – Record on-screen activity as a video file. Customize frame rate, quality and output settings.

  • Automated Screenshots – Schedule recurring screenshots to capture content at specific times. Useful for monitoring dynamic data.

  • Intuitive Interface – User-friendly design and customizable shortcuts for efficient workflows.

Compared to alternatives like Snagit or Greenshot, Screenhunter Pro stands out with its automation capabilities, advanced editor, and ability to output edited screenshots in a wide variety of formats.

screenhunter pro Serial key

Benefits of Using Screenhunter Pro Serial key

Here are some of the key productivity benefits Screenhunter Pro Free download provides:

  • Create Visual Tutorials – Demonstrate processes step-by-step with annotated screenshots. Help users quickly understand concepts.

  • Document Procedures – Record exactly how to use software or navigate interfaces. Useful for internal documentation or user manuals.

  • Explain Technical Issues – Annotated screenshots allow support reps to illustrate solutions for customers.

  • Develop Training Materials – Reusable visuals improve comprehension compared to text alone. Lower training costs.

  • Track Dynamic Data – Automatically capture screenshots of reports, dashboards or other changing data.

  • Enhance Presentations – Communicate more clearly by adding visual context with screenshots.

  • Collaborate on Designs – Annotate mockups and designs to provide feedback.

With the right screenshots, it’s easy to clarify complex processes, illustrate technical issues, provide visual aids for training, and more.

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Screenhunter Pro Compared to Alternatives

Here’s an overview of how Free download Screenhunter Pro stacks up against some competing screen capture tools:

Feature Screenhunter Pro Snagit Greenshot
Full Page Capture Yes Yes Yes
Image Editor Advanced with many annotation tools Basic with few editing options Basic with few editing options
Video Recording Yes No No
Automated Screenshots Yes No Yes
Intuitive Interface Yes Moderate Moderate
Pricing $34.95/license $49.95/license Free

Key Advantages of Screenhunter Pro:

  • More powerful image editor for annotating screenshots
  • Ability to record on-screen activity as a video
  • Automate recurring screenshots
  • Generally more user-friendly workflow

Screenhunter Pro Full version crack is the best choice for creating detailed visual tutorials, training materials, animated presentations, documentation and more. The advanced editing tools help optimize screenshots to clearly communicate processes and concepts.

Key Features and Tools of Screenhunter Pro Serial key

Now let’s explore the main features and capabilities of Screenhunter Pro in more detail:

Full Page Capture

The full page capture feature lets you take a screenshot of an entire web page, document or window that extends beyond the visible area on your screen. Screenhunter will automatically scroll and stitch together a complete image.

You can output full page screenshots as JPG, PNG, GIF and other file types. Configure sizing settings like pixel dimensions or file size. This is useful for capturing web pages as a single image without losing any content.

Image Editor

The built-in editor makes it easy to annotate and enhance screenshots. Drawing tools allow you to add text boxes, arrows, shapes, lines, highlights, obscuring boxes and more. This helps direct attention, label components, or clarify processes in an image.

You can also crop, resize, rotate and apply effects like color filters, blurring, brightness adjustments and more. The editor has everything you need to optimize screenshots for tutorials, training guides, support docs and more.

Video Recording

Record video of on-screen activity directly within Screenhunter Pro. This allows you to capture animated processes, mouse movements, cursor hovering, or any action that needs to be demonstrated as a video.

Prior to recording, you can customize video settings like frame rate, quality, duration, output format and more. Once screen recording is complete, the video file can be exported to share online or use in presentations.

Automated Screen Capture

One of Screenhunter’s most unique capabilities is the ability to automate screenshots on a recurring schedule. This is extremely useful for capturing charts, dashboards, reports or other data that changes over time.

Simply configure the date, time, duration and frequency you want screenshots to be taken. Screenhunter will automatically capture images in the background without any action required on your part. You can review and export the results later.

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Additional Features

Screenhunter Pro also offers a robust set of additional capabilities:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Hotkeys that allow for efficient screen capturing and toggling between tools
  • Macros – Automate repetitive tasks by recording and saving them as macros
  • Export Options – Send screenshots directly to Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and other applications
  • Shareability – Instantly share images via Dropbox, Google Drive, social media and more
  • Cross-Platform Support – Use Screenhunter on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Plugins – Extend functionality by integrating with tools like Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Office, Slack and more
  • Mobile App – iOS and Android app available for screen capturing on mobile devices

This combination of robust features make Screenhunter Pro flexible for diverse screenshot needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Screenhunter Pro

Now let’s walk through the key steps for getting started with Screenhunter Pro:

Installing and Setting Up Screenhunter Pro Serial key

First, download Screenhunter Pro from our site. The software can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

After installation, open Screenhunter Pro and go through the initial customization steps:

  • Register and activate your license
  • Configure program preferences and settings to your needs
  • Set up hotkeys for quick access to frequently used tools
  • Select default destinations for saving screenshots
  • Customize toolbars and menus as desired for your workflow

Taking a few minutes to personalize Screenhunter Pro will optimize your screen capturing experience.

Capturing Full Page Screenshots

To take a screenshot of content requiring scrolling, like a tall web page:

  1. In Screenhunter Pro, click the “Web Page” button to enable full page capture mode.
  2. Navigate to the web page you want to capture.
  3. Select a region on the web page to begin capturing. Screenhunter will automatically scroll and stitch together a full page image.
  4. When capture is complete, the screenshot will open in the editor. Export it as JPG, PNG or other desired format.

You can also capture full documents, application windows and more this way – not just web pages. The end result is a seamless screenshot of the entire content.

Annotating and Editing Screenshots

Screenhunter’s editor makes it simple to enhance screenshots:

  1. After taking a screenshot, select annotation tools like arrows, text boxes, shapes, etc.
  2. Click and drag on the image to add annotations. Customize formatting like colors and sizing.
  3. Use other editing tools like crop, rotate, resize, filters, effects and more to optimize the image.
  4. When finished, save/export the edited screenshot as a file or copy it directly into another app like Word.

Well-annotated screenshots help clearly communicate concepts, direct attention, and illustrate technical specifics. Take time to thoughtfully annotate images for your intended purpose.

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Recording On-Screen Video

To record video of on-screen action:

  1. In Screenhunter Pro, click the “Record Video” button.
  2. Customize recording settings like quality, frame rate and duration if desired.
  3. Click “Start Recording” and perform the on-screen demonstration you wish to capture.
  4. Click “Stop Recording” when finished. The video file will open in Screenhunter’s preview pane.
  5. Export the video in a shareable format like MP4.

Record videos to create dynamic tutorials, demonstrate software workflows, capture product demos, and more.

Automating Screenshots

To set up automatic recurring screenshots:

  1. Go to the “Task Scheduler” in Screenhunter Pro.
  2. Click “Create Task” and select “Capture Image” as the task type.
  3. Configure date, time, duration, frequency and monitoring settings.
  4. Choose a save destination for the automated screenshots.
  5. Click “OK” to schedule the task.

At the scheduled times, Screenhunter will automatically take screenshots in the background without any action required on your part. Use this to monitor business dashboards, traffic metrics, financial reports and more.

Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips to get the most value out of Screenhunter as an experienced user:

  • Use macros to automate repetitive screenshot editing workflows.
  • Capture dropdowns by using the object highlighter tool or pausing scrolling at the right time.
  • Try different annotation colors like red for critical details vs. blue for recommendations.
  • Export in multiple formats like JPG for images and PDF for documents.
  • Schedule small recurring tasks like daily sales screenshots to avoid forgetting.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up common screenshot tasks.
  • Adjust auto-scroll speed for fast vs slow page capturing as desired.
  • Enable mouse highlighting to direct attention during video recordings.
  • Integrate Screenhunter with tools like Jira, Slack, Google Drive for seamless workflows.

Mastering these tips will help you become a power user able to create screenshots more efficiently.

Top Screen Capture Alternatives

While Screenhunter Pro Download free is extremely full-featured, here are some alternative screen capturing tools to consider:


  • Built-in basic editor
  • Gif recording and webcam capture
  • Library for organizing screenshots
  • Chrome extension for capturing web pages


  • Open source and free
  • Annotate and crop screenshots
  • Configurable shortcuts
  • Seamless printing and exporting

Other Tools

  • Lightshot – Simple annotations and instant uploads
  • ShareX – Open source capture and share tool
  • Screencastify – Screen recording with video editing
  • CloudApp – Mac-based video and image sharing

Evaluate your specific use case to determine if an alternative screen capture tool may better meet your needs. But for most robust business applications, Screenhunter Pro remains a top choice.

screenhunter pro Serial key


As this guide demonstrated, Free download Screenhunter Pro Serial key provides unparalleled functionality for capturing, annotating, editing and sharing screenshots. Businesses can use Screenhunter to create visual training materials, detailed user guides, animated presentations, and more engaging content to reach audiences.

With capabilities like full page capture, automated screenshot scheduling, advanced image editing, screen recording and an intuitive interface, Screenhunter Pro is a worthwhile investment for organizations that rely heavily on screenshots for internal or external communications.

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