Hexels Pro Keygen is a powerful pixel art software for creating detailed pixel artwork and animations. With its array of professional tools and features, Hexels Pro allows artists to bring their pixel art visions to life. This guide will cover everything you need to know about using Hexels Pro, from the basics to advanced techniques.

What is Hexels Pro Keygen?

Hexels Pro Full version crack is a premium pixel art program designed specifically for artists who want to create detailed 2D game sprites, pixel art characters, landscapes, and animations. Key features include:

  • Custom brushes with unique shapes and textures
  • Symmetry tools for efficiency
  • Onion skinning for easy animations
  • Powerful color palettes and gradients
  • Vector and raster layers
  • Tilemap creation tools
  • Export animations as sprite sheets or video

Compared to free pixel art apps, Hexels Pro stands out with its professional toolset, interface, and sheer versatility. It’s a robust option for hobbyists, indie devs, and pro pixel artists alike.

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Getting Started with Hexels Pro Keygen

Getting up and running with Free download Hexels Pro Keygen is straightforward. Here’s what you need to know to start using it effectively:

Downloading and Installing

  • Download Hexels Pro from our site
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Install the program by running the DMG or EXE installer

The Hexels Pro interface features:

  • Toolbox – Tools for drawing, erasing, coloring, etc.
  • Color palettes – For selecting stroke and fill colors
  • Layers – For organizing different art elements
  • Canvas – Your working pixel art area
  • Navigation – Pan, zoom, and rotate canvas

It may look complex at first, but the logical layout makes working seamless.

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Customizing Your Workspace

To personalize your workspace:

  • Adjust toolbox, palette, layer, and timeline panel placement
  • Set light or dark interface mode
  • Customize toolbar with your most-used tools
  • Save custom layouts as presets

Setting Up Your Canvas

When starting a new pixel art piece:

  • Set canvas size in pixels
  • Choose rectangular or isometric grid overlay
  • Adjust grid size based on desired resolution
  • Use rulers and guides for precision

With your ideal workspace setup, you’re ready to start creating!

Using Hexels Pro Brushes and Tools

Hexels Pro Download free offers an extensive toolkit for all stages of pixel art creation. Here are some of the most useful:

Drawing and Erasing

The Pencil and Eraser make up your basic drawing and editing toolkit.

  • Pencil – Lay down pixels with drawing brushes like Soft, Plain, Spray, and more
  • Eraser – Erase pixels individually or in strokes
  • Size – Adjust size for precision or cover large areas
  • Opacity – Set opacity for transparent strokes
  • Settings – Customize things like spacing, scattering, and texture

Shapes and Lines

Skip manual drawing with the shape and line tools.

  • Shapes – Quickly add squares, circles, polygons, etc.
  • Lines – Draw straight lines and curves
  • Symmetry – Easily create symmetrical shapes
  • Settings – Adjust thickness, corners, fill, and more

Color Bucket

The Color Bucket tool fills enclosed areas with color in one click. Useful for blocking in colors and landscape base colors.

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Hexels Pro Color Palettes

Choosing the right colors is crucial for pixel art. Here’s how to master palettes:

Creating Palettes

  • Make custom palettes with the color sets you need
  • Import existing palette files
  • 30 preset palettes included
  • Organize with palette folders

Picking Colors

  • Click swatches to select stroke and fill
  • Use Color Picker to sample colors
  • Fade slider for brilliant gradients
  • Support for RGB, HSV, CMYK

Color Tips

Follow these tips for great palettes:

  • Limit to 2-5 colors for low resolution pixel art
  • Use high contrast colors that stand out
  • Add shades and tints for dimension
  • Avoid colors too similar in hue
  • Use warm and cool colors for interest

With customized, hand-picked palettes, you can achieve any pixel art style.

Layers and Masks in Hexels Pro

Proper layer usage is key for an organized workflow.

Working with Layers

  • Create new layers for elements
  • Move layers to rearrange
  • Lock layers to avoid changes
  • Adjust opacity and blending
  • Merge layers when complete

Using Layer Masks

Layer masks let you selectively hide content:

  • Add masks to hide parts of a layer
  • Paint on masks in black/white
  • Modify masks non-destructively
  • Change the area revealed at any time

Layers give you flexibility and control as your artwork comes together.

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Animating Pixel Art in Hexels Pro Keygen

Hexels Pro Full version crack is equipped for creating animated sprites, characters, and environments.

Animation Timeline

The timeline UI makes animating intuitive:

  • Add frames on layers to designate keyframes
  • Frame numbers and duration indicated
  • Onion skinning to preview animations
  • Zoom timeline in/out for precise edits

Creating Animations

Follow these tips for smooth animations:

  • Draw key poses on frames first
  • Use tweening to automatically insert frames in between
  • Set playback speed in FPS
  • Copy/paste frames to reuse
  • Export video or sprite sheet when done

With robust animation tools, you can breathe life into your pixel art worlds.

Other Hexels Pro Tools and Features

Hexels Pro Keygen packs everything you need to streamline your pixel art workflow:

Selection Tools

  • Lasso, Marquee, Wand for selecting pixels
  • Transform or delete selections
  • Move selections between layers

Arranging and Transforming

  • Move, scale, and rotate elements
  • Align or distribute objects
  • Group objects to combine

Image Import/Export

  • Import images to convert to pixel art
  • Export layers as PNGs
  • Save animations as video files

Canvas Controls

  • Pan and zoom around canvas
  • Rotate canvas for isometric angles
  • Mirror canvas for symmetrical drawing

By mastering these additional tools, you can work faster and more efficiently.

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Hexels Pro Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

Here are some expert-level tips for working quickly and maximizing Hexels Pro:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts – Like Ctrl/Cmd + C/V for copy/paste.
  • Customize brushes – Make brushes with unique texture and behavior.
  • Master symmetry tools – Draw both sides at once, saving time.
  • Create presets – Save custom brushes, palettes, and layouts to re-use.
  • Use clipping masks – Hide part of a layer with shapes and text.
  • Sample colors from imported images – Pull color schemes from photos.
  • Enable Onionskin Outlines – View previous frames while animating.

Learning shortcuts and advanced functionalities can speed up your workflow.

Different Pixel Art Styles in Hexels Pro

With its versatile tools, Hexels Pro can help you achieve any pixel art style.

Low Resolution Pixel Art

For nostalgic, low-res looks:

  • Use large 1:1 pixel brushes
  • Limit colors to 4-6 saturated shades
  • Pick a small canvas like 64×64 pixels
  • Avoid gradients, anti-aliasing

HD Pixel Art

Photorealism with small pixels:

  • Canvas of 1000+ pixels width
  • Tiny brush sizes like 1-4 pixels
  • Dithering for color blending
  • Detailed shading and highlights

Isometric Pixel Art

Faux 3D perspectives:

  • Angle canvas to isometric
  • Use isometric grid overlay option
  • Create 3D effects through shading
  • Add depth with foreground, midground, background elements

The possibilities are endless. Explore and develop your own pixel art style with Hexels Pro.

Sharing and Exporting from Hexels Pro Keygen

When your masterpiece is complete, here’s how to export it:

Exporting Animations

  • Export as video file formats like MP4, AVI
  • Set frame rate, resolution, and compression
  • Save as transparent PNG sequence
  • Export sprite sheet PNG for game dev

Exporting Still Images

For standalone images:

  • Export layers or whole canvas as PNG files
  • Set resolution, bit depth, and transparency
  • Downscale for web or upscale for prints

Sharing Your Art

  • Share on social media straight from Hexels
  • Post WIPs and get feedback from the pixel art community
  • Sell your static and animated pixel art in online stores

With robust exporting and sharing options, you can easily showcase your work.

Is Hexels Pro Right for You?

Hexels Pro Free download is an excellent choice if:

  • You want to create detailed animations and game sprites
  • You need specific tools like palettes, brushes, and onion skinning
  • You take pixel art seriously as an art form
  • You want to develop a consistent style and workflow

However, there are some limitations:

  • No tilemap auto-fill like some pixel art programs
  • Less intuitive than a dedicated animation program for complex scenes
  • No vector tools for resolution-independent art

For most pixel artists, though, the benefits far outweigh any limitations. With practice, Hexels Pro Keygen can become an integral part of your creative process.

hexels pro Keygen


If you’re looking to unlock your potential as a pixel artist, Hexels Pro Download free has all the tools you need. Use this guide to master its wide array of powerful features and capabilities. With a refined workflow, customized interface, and robust exporting options, you can create stunning static and animated pixel art easily. While it may take time to become proficient, Hexels Pro is flexible enough for anyone from beginners to expert pixel artists.

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