Managing multiple iDevices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods can be a real struggle. From transferring data between devices to fixing system issues and optimizing storage, juggling all these tasks gets complicated fast. That’s where iSunshare iDevice Genius Full version crack comes in – it’s the powerful all-in-one software solution that makes iDevice management a breeze.

What is iSunshare iDevice Genius?

iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key is a comprehensive iDevice management suite that works seamlessly across all iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch running any iOS version. Its user-friendly interface packs in a ton of advanced features yet remains simple to navigate.

At its core, iSunshare iDevice Genius Full version crack allows you to:

  • Backup and restore your iDevices selectively
  • Transfer data between iDevices, PC, and Mac
  • Fix over 200+ system issues without data loss
  • Manage iDevice data, freeing up precious space
Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key

Key Features of iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key

Backup and Restore iDevices

Keeping a backup of your iDevice’s data is crucial to avoid losing cherished memories and important information. iSunshare iDevice Genius Download free makes this process incredibly easy:

  1. Connect your iDevice to the computer
  2. Select the backup option
  3. Choose to back up everything or select specific data to include
  4. Let iDevice Genius create a robust backup on your PC/Mac

Restoring backups is just as simple. You can restore the entire backup or pick and choose exactly what data to restore with a few clicks.

Transfer iDevice Data

Tired of emailing yourself photos or manually copying contacts just to transfer data across iDevices? iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key streamlines this process, allowing you to:

Transfer Data Between iDevices – Photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes, and more – Simple drag-and-drop interface

iDevice to PC/Mac Transfer – Export any iDevice data to your computer – Access and manage iDevice content easily

PC/Mac to iDevice Transfer
– Add files from computer to iDevice quickly – Manage iDevice’s limited storage efficiently

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Fix iDevice System Issues

From setup issues to frozen screens and error messages, iSunshare iDevice Genius Download free can repair over 200+ system problems on your iDevice without any data loss. Its advanced repair capabilities let you:

  • Enter and exit recovery mode safely
  • Repair iDevices stuck on Apple logo, black screen, and more
  • Downgrade or upgrade iOS to a different version

iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key is trusted by millions and recommended by established tech sites like iPhoneinCanada, iMyFone, and more.

“I’ve lost count of how many times iDevice Genius has helped me when my iPhone ran into issues. It’s a must-have for any iDevice owner.” – Patrick L., Tech Blogger

Manage iDevice Data

In addition to transferring content, iDevice Genius includes a suite of data management tools:

  • View and Export Data: Browse iDevice photos, contacts, notes etc. and export them
  • Delete Private Data: Permanently wipe call logs, messages, browsing history, and more
  • Remove Junk Files: Clear cached, useless files and temporary data hogging space
  • Compress Media: Optimize camera photos/videos to free up GBs of space

All of these features are neatly packaged in a single software!

Advanced iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key Features

iSunshare keeps updating iSunshare iDevice Genius Full version crack with new functionality. Some advanced features included:

Screen Mirroring Mirror your iDevice’s screen to a computer wirelessly over AirPlay or use a cable.

Screen Recording Record videos of your iDevice’s screen seamlessly with audio from the device or a microphone.

Remote Device Management Access files and data on your iDevice remotely from a web browser anywhere.

iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key Pricing and Plans

iSunshare offers two pricing options for iDevice Genius:

  1. Free Version: Access basic backup/restore, transfer, and fix tools at no cost.

  2. Premium Version: Get all advanced features and functionality for $59.96 per year or $89.97 for a one-time purchase.

The premium plan is great value considering all the tools it unlocks. iSunshare also offers discounts occasionally for the premium plan.

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How to Use iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key

Using iDevice Genius is straightforward:

  1. Download and Install: Get iDevice Genius from our site.

  2. Connect iDevice: Plug in your iDevice to the computer using a charging cable.

  3. Start Using Tools!

    • Click icons in the left sidebar to access different tools
    • For backup, choose mode and data types to include
    • For repairing, select issue from list and follow prompts
    • Transfer files using intuitive drag-and-drop window

The software’s interface is clean and each feature has detailed guides if needed!

iDevice Genius Alternatives and Comparisons

While there are other iDevice management programs like iMyFone D-Port and FonePaw, iSunshare iDevice Genius stands out with its:

  • Comprehensive Features: It combines backup, transfer, repair and management tools in one suite.

  • Affordability: The premium version is lower cost compared to other suites.

  • Capability: It can fix more system issues (over 200) and supports latest iOS versions.

  • Regular Updates: iSunshare pushes out frequent improvements and new tools.

That said, alternatives may be preferred if you need a specific iDevice tool more advanced than what iSunshare iDevice Genius Full version crack offers.

Pros of iDevice Genius – All-in-one software suite – User-friendly interface – Affordable pricing – Frequently updated

Cons of iDevice Genius – Additional tools like video editing not included – Interface can seem cluttered for new users

Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key

In Conclusion

If you own one or more iPhones, iPads or iPods and struggle with managing data, freeing up space or dealing with system issues, iSunshare iDevice Genius Serial key is a must-have tool. Its breadth of features and affordable pricing make it an unbeatable value for iDevice owners.

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