Backing up your important files and system information is one of the most crucial things you can do to avoid data loss disasters. No one wants to lose all their family photos, work documents, or software installations due to a failed hard drive or ransomware attack.

That’s where a robust backup solution like Backup Maker Professional Activation key comes in. This user-friendly Windows software gives you all the tools you need to easily back up and recover your files, folders, and full system disk images.

What is Free download Backup Maker Professional?

Backup Maker Professional Activation key is a backup and recovery software application developed by Ellid that works across all versions of Windows from XP up through Windows 10.

It provides both file-level and full system imaging backup capabilities, support for local, network and cloud storage destinations, flexible scheduling options, encryption, compression, and much more.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Full and incremental file backups – Back up specific files and folders to local/network drives or cloud storage. Daily incremental backups capture changes since the last backup.

  • Complete system backup – Create a full system image backup as a safeguard for disaster recovery scenarios. Recover your entire setup just as it was in the event of a crash.

  • Cloud storage support – Back up directly to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive for automated offsite storage.

  • Backup scheduling – Schedule backups to run automatically on daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. Set and forget peace of mind.

  • Compression & encryption – Backup files are compressed for storage efficiency. Encryption protects backups with passwords for security.

  • Backup versions – Manage multiple versions of backups over time to restore previous iterations if needed.

  • Easy bare metal restore – Restore full system image backups to get a crashed PC quickly up and running again.

  • Intuitive interface – Simple tabbed interface makes it easy for beginners to get started with backups.

Backup Maker Professional Activation key

Why You Should Use Download free Backup Maker Professional

Failing to back up your data properly can lead to catastrophic data loss if your hard drive crashes, ransomware strikes, or files are accidentally deleted. Backup Maker Professional provides effective protection against these threats.

Here are some key reasons to rely on Backup Maker Professional:

  • Prevent data loss – Regular backups ensure you always have copies of important files in case of disaster.

  • Recover from crashes quickly – System image backup and bare metal restore capabilities get your PC running again fast.

  • Affordable pricing – Around $49 for a 1 PC license makes Backup Maker Professional accessible for personal use.

  • Business scalability – Large business deployments are supported with bulk pricing discounts.

  • Wide platform support – Works equally well from Windows XP through the newest Windows 10 releases.

  • Easy to use – Built with beginners in mind, Backup Maker Professional has an intuitive tabbed interface and setup wizard.

For keeping both business and personal data safe, Backup Maker Professional provides capabilities that rival more expensive commercial backup tools at a budget-friendly price point.

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Compared to Other Backup Software Solutions

So how does Backup Maker Professional stack up against competitors like Acronis True Image and Macrium Reflect? Here’s a quick comparison:

Software Backs Up Files/Folders Full System Imaging Cloud Support Price
Backup Maker Professional Yes Yes Yes $49/PC
Acronis True Image Yes Yes Yes $99/PC
Macrium Reflect Yes Yes No $159/PC

Backup Maker comes out ahead based on price while matching essential functionality of costlier solutions. The cloud storage support also gives it an edge for offsite backups.

Step-by-Step Guide to Backing Up with Backup Maker Professional

Using Backup Maker Professional to protect your data is straightforward thanks to the intuitive tabbed interface. Follow these steps:

1. Download and Install the Software

Grab the latest version from our site and run the installer. Reboot once installed.

2. Launch and Run the Setup Wizard

Open Backup Maker Professional and walk through the initial setup wizard prompts:

  • Accept license agreement
  • Choose backup destination drive
  • Set backup schedule frequency
  • Review settings

3. Select Files and Folders to Backup

Navigate to the Backups tab. Here you can pick which files, folders, drives to include/exclude from backups.

Prioritize backing up important data like:

  • Documents folder
  • Photos, music, videos
  • Program installation folders
  • System drives

4. Choose Backup Destination

Under the Backups destinations tab, pick where you want to save backup copies:

  • External USB drive
  • Network mapped drive
  • Cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox

Use multiple destinations for redundancy.

5. Schedule Backups

On the Scheduling tab, enable scheduled backups to run automatically on daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Set the time and days to run.

6. Run Your First Backup

Under the Backups tab hit “Backup Now” to manually start your first backup job. The progress will display on screen.

Initial full backup will take longer while incremental backups later will be quick.

7. Restore Backups as Needed

If disaster strikes, you can restore files and folders under the Backups tab. Or boot from the Backup Maker Professional recovery media to restore full system images.

Following these simple steps ensures your files stay protected on a regular basis.

Tips for Running Effective Backups

Follow these tips to get the most out of Backup Maker Professional:

Store backups across multiple destinations – Use a combination of local destination like external drives as well as cloud storage for redundancy.

Backup critical data more frequently – Set documents, projects, photos to backup daily while less important data can backup weekly.

Enable disk imaging – Make sure to periodically create full system image backups to recover your entire PC after a crash.

Use incremental backups – Daily incremental file backups will capture changes since the last run for efficiency.

Manage multiple versions – Keep 3-4 weekly backup versions minimum to be able to restore previous copies if needed.

Occasionally verify backups – Spot check that your backups are capturing all the files you expect them to. Test restoring some files.

Encrypt backups – Apply a password to backup jobs under Settings to encrypt them for an added layer of security.

Following best practices ensures you get the most protection out of Backup Maker Professional.

Where to Store Your Backups

Backup Maker Professional supports storing backups both locally and to cloud services. Here are the pros and cons of each approach:

Local backup storage – Saves backups to drives attached to your PC like external HDDs or NAS devices on your network.

Pros – Fast backup and restore speeds – No recurring storage costs

Cons – Requires purchasing backup drives – Backups vulnerable if local storage is damaged/stolen

Cloud backup storage – Saves backups to cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Pros – Automated offsite storage – Access backups anywhere

Cons – Slower backup and restore – Monthly or annual cloud storage fees

For best practices, use both local and cloud backup storage together – local for faster access and cloud for offsite redundancy.

Restoring Lost Files and Folders

When disaster strikes, Full version crack Backup Maker Professional Activation key makes it easy to recover lost files from your backups:

  1. Open Backup Maker Professional and go to the Backups tab
  2. Navigate through your backup history to the point in time you want to restore
  3. Select the specific files or folders you want to restore
  4. Choose whether to restore to original or new location
  5. Click Restore to retrieve your lost files!

For full system recovery, you can boot from the Backup Maker Professional recovery media and restore a full disk image to get back up and running quickly.

Pricing and Licensing Options

Backup Maker Professional is affordably priced for home users with volume discounts available:

  • 1 PC license – $49
  • 5 PC license pack – $129
  • 10 PC license pack – $199
  • Unlimited enterprise pricing – Quoted based on needs
Backup Maker Professional Activation key

Conclusion and Next Steps

Losing access to important data can have devastating personal and business consequences. Protect yourself with a robust backup solution like Download free Backup Maker Professional.

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