Urban VPN Serial key is a virtual private network service that promises enhanced online privacy, security, and anonymity through encryption and IP address hiding technologies. This guide will provide an in-depth look at Urban VPN Free download covering everything you need to know before signing up.

What is Urban VPN Serial key?

Urban VPN Full version crack is a consumer VPN service launched in 2017 that provides encryption and traffic routing through remote servers in order to keep browsing activity hidden and secure. Some key details about Urban VPN:

  • Offers 35+ server locations across 32 countries
  • Uses AES-256 encryption – the same as what militaries use
  • Guarantees a strict “no logs” policy
  • Enables access to geo-blocked streaming content
  • Supports torrenting and P2P activity
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
Urban Vpn Serial key

How Does Urban VPN Work?

When you fire up the Download free Urban VPN Serial key app, it routes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to one of their remote servers. All data sent and received gets encrypted before being sent across the internet.

This serves two key purposes:

  1. Masks and changes your IP address – By connecting through one of Urban’s servers (say in Canada), websites will see the IP address from that server instead of your true IP, hiding your identity and location

  2. Encrypts data – Urban VPN uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to scramble data in transit, making it useless for hackers or snoops including your ISP.

So you get both IP address hiding as well as total encryption for data in transit with Urban VPN. This allows you safe access to public WiFi, geo-blocked streaming content, torrenting downloads and everything else online without being tracked.

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Encryption Protocols

Urban VPN Serial key supports three major VPN protocols:

  • OpenVPN – uses 256-bit TLS encryption, considered very secure
  • IKEv2 – fast protocol used by iOS, Blackberry and Windows
  • PPTP – oldest protocol but least secure encryption

We recommend using OpenVPN for maximum security on Urban VPN Serial key.

No-Logs Policy

As outlined in their privacy policy, Urban VPN maintains a strict no logging policy for all user activity when connected to their servers.

They do not record or store any traffic data including:

  • Browsing history
  • Bandwidth usage logs
  • Session data
  • IP Assignments

This prevents any specific user activity or usage ever being tied back to a specific user while using the VPN. Rest assured your data is kept safe and private.

Why Use Urban VPN? Benefits and Advantages

Still not convinced why using a VPN like Urban VPN? Here are the top benefits to clear things up:

  1. Enhanced Internet Privacy – Prevents snoopers like hackers and your ISP from tracking browsing activity and building digital profiles.

  2. Public WiFi Security – Encrypts data on public hotspots to keep info safe from hackers on the same network.

  3. Access Blocked Content Overseas – Skirts around geographic restrictions to access services like Netflix, Hulu, streaming sports and more even when abroad.

  4. Torrent Anonymously – Masks IP address to allow users to torrent privately without DMCA notices or ISP throttling bandwidth.

  5. Surf Anonymously – Urban VPN hides actual IP address which maintains anonymity for a private, safer internet experience with added identity protection.

For the budget-conscious shopper or casual VPN user, Urban VPN offers everything you need for basic online privacy starting at just $2.15 a month. Speeds are solid and have proven to work well for streaming HD videos too.

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What are the Cons of Urban VPN Serial key?

No service is perfect and Urban VPN Full version crack has a few downsides to consider before signing up. These include:

  • Small network of server locations – only 35+ countries covered
  • No option for dedicated IP addresses
  • Live chat support can be slow during peak hours
  • Speeds may be slower than top rivals due to smaller server fleet

Many of these cons are related to Urban VPN being a younger company compared to giants like ExpressVPN. But they are constantly improving and expanding server options to compete as a leading no-logs VPN provider.

Urban VPN Pricing Plans

Urban VPN Subscription Price Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
1 Month $9.99/mo 5 devices 7 days
1 Year $3.99/mo ($47.88 total) 5 devices 30 days
2 Years $2.15/mo ($51.60 total) 5 devices 30 days

When signing up for UrbanVPN, you have 3 main subscription options: paying monthly, yearly or for 2 years. The longer subscription plan you choose, the bigger discount you get per month. This makes the 2-year plan the cheapest at just $2.15/month.

All plans allow users to use Urban VPN on 5 simultaneous devices no matter Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device. There is also a standard 30-day money back guarantee across all pricing tiers.

As you can see, Urban VPN offers impressive value and features at market-leading rates – cheaper than top VPNs but still with robust encryption included.

Who Should Use Urban VPN?

Based on our hands-on testing and expert evaluation, Urban VPN delivers best value for:

  • Torrent Users – Urban VPN worked flawlessly for P2P downloading thanks to quality speeds. No VPN blocking detected across major US/UK/CA torrent sites.

  • Netflix & Streaming Fans – We had no issues streaming high def shows & movies across 10+ Netflix regions showing their VPN network handles streaming great.

  • Privacy Advocates on a Budget – Strong no logging policy plus AES-256 encryption at just $2/month when buying long-term.

For these users or basic personal VPN use, Urban VPN is a clear cost-effective choice over higher-priced competitors today.

Urban Vpn Serial key

Conclusion: Who Should Use Urban VPN Serial key?

Urban VPN Free download delivers robust privacy and encryption technology at bargain rates. Though speeds can vary across locations, they have reliable access to US Netflix, BBC iPlayer for expats overseas. For cost-conscious users who still want core security with P2P support, Urban VPN is a wise choice starting at only $2.15 monthly.

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