Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Free download is the paid premium version of ReiBoot, which offers advanced iOS repair features beyond the capabilities of the free version. ReiBoot Pro enables you to fix over 150 iOS system issues including being stuck on the Apple logo, recovery mode looping, black screen, unable to restore or update, and many more frustrations.

The key capabilities exclusive to the Pro version include:

  • Advanced Repair – Much more comprehensive repair functionality to resolve iOS issues and exceptions the free version cannot handle
  • Downgrade iOS Firmware – Rollback and downgrade iOS version if needed
  • 1-Click Enter/Exit Recovery Mode – Quickly get into or exit recovery mode without hassle
  • Better Support & Guarantee – Prioritized email support and guaranteed lifetime free upgrades

For iOS power users who need to maintain multiple iPhone/iPad devices, quickly test beta versions, develop apps or frequently beta test iOS versions, ReiBoot Pro is an essential tool.

Why Do You Need Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro?

While the free version of Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack offers basic repair capabilities, there are many limitations:

  • Very limited success rate resolving severe iOS crashes and issues – risks failed repairs and data loss
  • Unable to downgrade iOS or roll back from beta – no flexibility if iOS version is problematic
  • No 1-click enter/exit recovery mode – manual button pressing is complex
  • Lengthy repairs that can take over an hour – more device downtime

Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Full version crack deliver a 98%+ repair success rate for even the most stubborn iOS issues that render devices unusable without restoring, wiping data or factory resetting. The advanced repair technology thoroughly fixes software issues while maintaining user data.

The Pro version also cuts typical repair times from over an hour down to just 5-10 minutes thanks to improved stability and bug fixes. The value of device uptime will more than justify the small investment into ReiBoot Pro for any iOS power user.

Tenorshare Reiboot Pro Crack

How to Download and Install Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack

Downloading Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Download free is quick and simple:

  1. Download latest ReiBoot Pro installer from our site
  2. Enter license key when prompted to activate full Pro version

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Using Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack to Repair iOS Issues

The step-by-step process to use ReiBoot Pro Download free is simple:

  1. Download and launch ReiBoot Pro on your Windows or Mac computer
  2. Connect iOS device to computer using USB cable when prompted
  3. Put device into normal mode (exit recovery mode if applicable)
  4. Click ‘Start’ button to begin automated repair process

ReiBoot will download necessary iOS firmware, enter recovery mode, flash firmware replacement files before normal reboot. The main screen will show device status, logs and progress through the ~10 minute repair process.

For downgrades or stubborn issues, try the ‘Advanced Repair’ mode via main menu which runs a more thorough deep repair process taking ~15 minutes.

One-Click to Enter or Exit Recovery Mode

Manually forcing an iPhone/iPad into recovery mode by pressing physical buttons in the correct sequence while connecting cable at just the right time can be challenging. Similarly, exiting recovery can be tricky without restoring or data loss in iTunes.

With ReiBoot Pro, safely entering and exiting recovery mode takes just one-click without any button timing or complex cable disconnecting/reconnecting. This makes repetitive testing of different iOS versions, verifying repairs worked, or testing apps in recovery mode infinitely easier.

Downgrade iOS Firmware with Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack

Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Full version crack lets you downgrade or rollback from newer iOS versions including beta releases. This gives you much needed flexibility. Reasons you may want to downgrade iOS versions include:

  • Buggy/laggy performance on latest updates
  • Critical app no longer functions properly
  • Dislike aesthetics or UI changes in latest iOS
  • Testing app compatibility across iOS versions

To downgrade iOS version with ReiBoot Pro:

  1. Check Downgrade tab to verify desired target iOS version is signed and downloadable
  2. Download desired firmware file (can take 20+ minutes)
  3. Connect device into normal mode via USB cable
  4. Click Downgrade button to commence process

The process will wipe the device before reflashing so be sure to backup important data beforehand!

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Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Loop

The dreaded endless apple logo looping with intermittent spinning wheels can happen after a troubled iOS update, firmware flash interruption or even battery replacement. This frustrating scenario usually requires a full erase and refresh to resolve since the OS files are corrupted.

Fortunately, Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack can fix iPhone stuck on apple logo without data loss in just minutes. It will bypass the setup assistant and recovery mode, automatically flash fresh OS installment files, uninstall problematic apps causing conflicts and recover missing system data. After automatic reboot, your device will be working again like normal.

Questions and Issues Using ReiBoot

Here are some common questions and issues users have with ReiBoot Pro:

Problem: ReiBoot Pro stuck on Waiting for reboot
Solution: Force reboot device by holding power+home buttons for 7+ seconds

Problem: Device not recognized in Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Free download
Solution: Try different USB ports, cables and install latest ReiBoot version

Tenorshare Reiboot Pro Crack

Final Verdict – Is Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Worth It?

For any intermediate or advanced iOS user who deals with multiple iPhone/iPad devices, likes testing preview software versions before they publicly launch, develops iOS apps or frequently needs to repair iOS system files, Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack is an invaluable tool that more than pays for itself in time savings and convenience alone.

The advanced iOS repair technology, exclusive Pro version downgrade options and 1-click recovery mode accessibility makes ReiBoot Pro a swiss army knife power tool. While the free version of Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Download free works for basic needs, I wholeheartedly suggest the full featured Pro version for anyone repairing iOS devices in a professional or high volume personal context.

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