Fraps Serial key is a popular and powerful video capture software used primarily to record gameplay footage from PC games. It allows users to easily capture in-game video and take screenshots during gameplay sessions. Fraps has been a staple program for many gaming content creators on YouTube and Twitch who use it to produce high-quality videos to share with their audiences.

Downloading and Installing Fraps Serial key

Fraps Download free can be downloaded directly from our site. The installer is around 1-2 MB.

Here are the minimum system requirements to run Fraps:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7
  • 800 MHz processor
  • 256 MB of RAM

The install process is straightforward – simply run the .exe file and follow the prompts to install Fraps into your Windows PC. By default it will install into C:\Program Files\Fraps.

Once installed, you can launch Fraps directly or pin it to your Start menu or taskbar for easy access.

fraps Serial key

Configuring Fraps Settings

Before you start using Fraps Full version crack to capture videos, it’s important to dive into the settings menu and customize the configurations based on your setup.

The most important settings are found under the Movies tab:

  • Video Capture Settings – resolutions, frame rates, and video sources can be specified here. For best quality, set to your monitor’s native resolution. Higher fps like 60 is better for smooth gameplay videos.

  • Audio Capture Settings – choose between capturing sound from your microphone, speakers, or both.

There are also settings for benchmarks, screenshots, and more. Enabling the frame rate counter overlay is useful for monitoring performance.

Optimizing these settings based on your PC’s specifications will ensure the best quality recordings. Fraps lets you strike a balance between video resolution, framerate, and file size.

Recording Gameplay Footage

Once configured, recording gameplay footage with Fraps Serial key is simple. Just launch the game you want to capture, and press F9 when you want to start recording. Hit F9 again to stop recording.

By default Free download Fraps will capture 30 seconds clips. You can change this to record continuously under Video Capture Settings.

Top Tips for Smooth Footage:

  • Close other intensive programs before recording for optimal performance.

  • Adjust graphics settings in-game if needed to boost framerate.

  • Use a mouse button for start/stop hotkey to avoid keyboard sounds in mic.

  • Be strategic with start/stop points during important gameplay moments.

Saving and Processing Captured Videos

Fraps Download free exports footage in AVI format by default to the Movies directory where Fraps is installed. These files are often large raw footage.

You’ll want to import the videos into your preferred editing software like Premiere Pro or Vegas to compile clips and trim appropriately. From here they can also be converted to more shareable formats like MP4 or compressed while maintaining quality.

Advanced Fraps Serial key Tips and Tricks

Here are some pro tips for mastering Fraps:

  • Customize hotkeys for recording, screenshots, etc in the Hotkeys tab.

  • Toggle the FPS counter overlay to see in-game performance.

  • Set a specific game window to record vs fullscreen in Video Capture Settings.

  • Limit background resource usage by disabling sound capture.

  • Experiment with half-size AVI and motion JPEG modes for smaller files.

fraps Serial key


Fraps Serial key remains one of the best options for capturing direct gameplay footage from your computer. With this comprehensive guide, you now have all the knowledge needed to install Fraps Free download, customize settings, record smooth videos with optimal performance, and process the footage for sharing online or on sites like YouTube.

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