CCleaner Keygen is one of the most popular free system optimization tools available for Windows. With over 2 billion downloads, it’s trusted by consumers worldwide to clean unnecessary junk files, free up valuable disk space, and enhance privacy by wiping browser history.

What is CCleaner Keygen and How Does It Work?

CCleaner Download free is a utility program developed by Piriform to remove unnecessary files and invalid Windows registry entries from your computer. By deleting temporary files, browser caches, download folders, and other areas that accumulate junk over time, Free download CCleaner Keygen can significantly speed up your PC.

Some key features and functions of CCleaner include:

  • Frees up hard drive space by cleaning browser caches, downloads, temporary Windows files, Recycle Bin contents, memory dumps, and more. This helps boost disk space available.

  • FAster startup and shutdown times as there are fewer files to load at boot up. Disable unnecessary programs at startup with Startup Manager.

  • Enhances privacy by wiping web browser history, download history, cookies, cache, and other traces of your online activity.

  • Registry cleaning to remove obsolete, invalid entries that accumulate over time and slow down the registry database.

  • Additional tools like secure file deletion, uninstall manager, system restore, and more.

CCleaner’s easy to use interface makes it simple even for beginners to clean their PC. Let’s look at the key benefits you’ll get by using CCleaner Full version crack.

Ccleaner Keygen

Benefits of Using CCleaner Keygen

Faster PC Performance

CCleaner speeds up general PC performance and boot times by removing GBs worth of junk files that accumulate over time. This reduces strain on your hard drive, RAM, and CPU.

Free Up Disk Space

Temporary Windows files, browser caches, downloads, and other areas consume drive space over time. CCleaner wipes these to free up valuable GBs of space.

Enhanced Privacy

Wiping your web browser history, caches, cookies, and download history helps protect your privacy by removing traces of your online activity.

Optimized Windows Registry

Scanning for and removing invalid, faulty, and obsolete entries from the Windows registry improves stability and performance.

Disable Unneeded Startup Programs

The Startup Manager in CCleaner allows you to disable programs that auto-launch at startup, speeding up boot times.

Easy To Use

With its simple and intuitive interface, CCleaner is approachable even for beginners with little technical expertise.

Now let’s go through how to use CCleaner with a step-by-step walkthrough.

How to Use CCleaner Step-by-Step

Download and Install

First, download the latest version of CCleaner from our site and install it on your Windows PC.

Understand the Interface

CCleaner’s interface has Cleaner, Registry, and Tools tabs. Cleaner handles deleting junk files. Registry fixes registry issues. Tools has advanced utilities.

Run Cleaner Scans

Go to Cleaner and click “Analyze” to detect files to clean. Then click “Run Cleaner” to wipe temporary files, caches, histories, etc. Customize what gets cleaned.

Use the Registry Cleaner

Go to Registry and scan for invalid entries. Review changes first, then click “Fix Selected Issues” to clean the registry. Fixes issues like file associations.

Schedule Automatic Cleaning

For convenience, schedule CCleaner to run daily, weekly, or monthly scans automatically to keep your PC optimized.

Customize Options

Go through each section in Cleaner and Registry to customize what gets scanned. Excluding certain file types or folders is possible.

Using CCleaner to speed up your PC is simple. Now let’s look closely at cleaning your system and registry with CCleaner.

Cleaning Your PC with CCleaner

Here are the steps to cleaning junk files off your PC with Download free CCleaner Keygen:

  1. Open CCleaner and go to the Cleaner section.

  2. Click “Analyze” to perform an initial scan detecting files to remove.

  3. Once scanning completes, you can individually go through each area like Browser, Windows, Applications, etc. and customize what gets deleted.

  4. When ready, click “Run Cleaner” to permanently wipe the selected temporary files and caches.

  5. After cleaning completes, you’ll see a report with how much space was freed up.

Some areas CCleaner cleans by default include:

  • Browser caches, histories, cookies, form info
  • Windows Temp files, logs, memory dumps
  • Recycle Bin contents
  • Old prefetch data, thumbnail caches
  • Application caches and junk files

Take time to customize which file types get removed in each section based on your needs. Excluding certain folders is also possible.

Using the CCleaner Registry Cleaner

Here are the steps to cleaning your Windows registry with CCleaner:

  1. Go to the Registry section and click “Scan for Issues.”

  2. Once complete, you’ll see a list of identified obsolete, invalid, and erroneous registry entries. Review them.

  3. Click “Fix Selected Issues” to clean the problematic registry entries.

  4. A backup is automatically created just in case. Click “Fix All Selected Issues” to confirm.

Some examples of what the registry cleaner fixes include:

  • Missing help files and shared DLL issues
  • Broken and invalid file associations
  • Unnecessary file extensions and ActiveX entries
  • Unused application paths and installer information

Cleaning the registry helps stabilize your system by removing faulty entries. Make sure to create a system restore point before doing so as an extra precaution.

Additional Tools in CCleaner

Aside from the core Cleaner and Registry functions, CCleaner contains extra tools under the Tools tab:

  • Drive Wiper: Securely and permanently deletes files beyond recovery.

  • Startup: Manages programs that auto-launch at Windows startup. Disable unneeded ones.

  • System Restore: Create manual system restore points as backups before cleaning.

  • Secure File Deletion: Shreds individual files beyond recovery.

  • Uninstall Manager: Help completely uninstall unwanted programs, even stubborn ones.

CCleaner packs useful utilities beyond just optimizing your PC. For example, its Drive Wiper is helpful for permanently erasing sensitive files beyond recovery.

CCleaner Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of CCleaner Keygen:

  • Take time to customize scan options instead of just using the defaults for a tailored clean.

  • Create a system restore point before cleaning the registry as an extra safety net.

  • Selectively exclude folders like My Documents from being cleaned to avoid losing anything important.

  • Running CCleaner won’t dramatically boost gaming FPS as it frees up disk space, not RAM.

  • It’s perfectly safe to use CCleaner daily or even weekly as part of your PC maintenance routine.

CCleaner is a versatile tool anyone can use to reclaim disk space, enhance privacy, and keep their system optimized for top performance.

Ccleaner Keygen


CCleaner Keygen is a must-have free utility to remove unnecessary junk clogging up your hard drive and slowing down your PC. By deleting useless browser caches, temporary files, and Windows clutter, CCleaner can speed up performance and boot times.

Cleaning the registry removes faulty entries that degrade system stability over time. The secure file deletion tools enhance privacy by wiping data beyond recovery. With its easy to use interface, Free download CCleaner Keygen is approachable for beginners but packs an impressive utility belt of optimization features under the hood.

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