Arturia has established itself as a leading creator of software instruments and effects, building a reputation for accurately modeling legendary analog hardware. The Arturia FX Collection Keygen represents the pinnacle of their effects development efforts. First released in 2004, it has grown into an extensive suite of over 20 plugins emulating classic modulation, time-based, dynamics, equalization, and filter effects.

The FX Collection provides access to stunning recreations of hardware units from esteemed manufacturers like Roland, Oberheim, Clariphonic, and Buchla. Arturia’s advanced TAE? and Phi? modeling technologies meticulously capture the character and quirks of the original devices. This gives producers an inspirational palette of pro-grade effects for creative sound design and mixing.

The Origins and Evolution of the FX Collection

The first incarnation of the Arturia FX Collection launched in 2004 and included six effects: the 1973 comp/limiter, 1967 plate reverb, 1958 tube equalizer, 1967 flanger, 1977 phaser, and 1976 chor/ensemble. This modest debut set the stage for an impressive expansion over the next two decades.

Major milestones in the growth of Full version crack Arturia FX Collection include:

  • 2011 – The addition of famous Roland effects like the Dimension D chorus, SPACE ECHO tape delay, COMPACTOR compressor, and PHASER PH-1
  • 2015 – The release of several new analog-modeled EQs and filters
  • 2017 – The acquisition of exclusive rights to model classic Oberheim effects like the OB-Xa Flanger/Phaser and SEM Filter
  • 2019 – Introduction of the Buchla Easel V and Rev PLATE-140 plate reverb
  • 2022 – Over 20 total effects encompassing modulation, time-based effects, dynamics, equalization, and more

This gradual accretion of elite tools cemented the FX Collection’s reputation as an industry standard for plugin effects.

Arturia Fx Collection Keygen

Overview of the Included Effects Plugins

The Arturia FX Collection Download free covers a vast range of effects processing tools. Here is a high-level overview of the major categories:

Modulation Effects

  • Chorus – Dimension-D, Dyno-My-Piano, CX-1 Chorus/Ensemble
  • Flanger – 1973-77 Flanger, 1982 Phaser Flanger, Oberheim OB-Xa
  • Phaser – 1976 Bio-Phaser, 1977 Phaser, PH-1 Phaser
  • Tremolo – 1973 Tremolo/Pan

Time-Based Effects

  • Delay – 1982 Delay, SPACE ECHO 201, Stereo Tape Delay
  • Reverb – Rev PLATE-140, Rev INTENSE, Rev CHOIR-157

Dynamics Processors

  • Compressor – 1973 Comp/Limiter, Comp FET-76, COMPACTOR
  • Gate – 1973 Gate/Expander
  • Limiter – 1991 Limiter


  • Vintage EQs – 1956 Passive Program EQ, 1958 Tube Equalizer
  • Graphic EQs – Eight graphic equalizers modeled after 1970s units
  • Parametric EQs – 1969 Parametric EQ

Filter Effects

  • Auto-Filter – SEM Filter
  • Talkbox – Talk Box 2
  • Vocal Processing – Clariphonic DSP

Specialty Effects

  • Amp Simulation – AMP-2A
  • Cabinet Simulation – Speaker Cab Tube/Solid State
  • Ring Modulation – Ring Modulator

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Spotlight on Standout Plugins

While the entire Arturia FX Collection Keygen is phenomenal, a few plugins stand out for their uniqueness and coveted analog sound.

Buchla Easel V

This module recreates Don Buchla’s iconic vocals-oriented synth and effects unit. The complex oscillator design allows rich, animated tones. It includes a lowpass gate for vocal synth effects paired with the built-in preamp, VCA and spring reverb tank.

Roland Dimension D Chorus

Beloved for its ultra-lush stereo chorus, this emulation delivers the same three-dimensional movement and shimmer. Arturia even modeled the noise, distortion, and other imperfections inherent to the original hardware.

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Rev PLATE-140 Plate Reverb

Plate reverbs are known for their bright, open and natural ambient wash. This models a classic 4 foot-long plate from the 1960s/70s era. It imparts vintage polish and space to any audio signal.

COMPACTOR Compressor

Based on Roland’s famous Boss CE-1 pedal, this compressor provides warm vintage-style level and dynamics control. The “color” knob adjusts tonal character from clean to saturated.

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Using the FX Collection in Your Productions

The versatility of Free download Arturia FX Collection Keygen makes it useful across many styles of music production and audio engineering:

  • Sound Design – The modulation effects open creative options for animation and morphing sounds over time. Chorus, flanger and phaser can be used on synths, guitars and more.

  • Vocals – The talk box and vocal processing tools enable robot-voice effects and clarity enhancement for vocals. The Buchla Easel V excellently complements vocals needing character and color.

  • Drums & Percussion – Use the compressors and EQs to shape drums. Add drive and punch with the tube equalizer or warmth with the COMPACTOR. Use gates to clean up bleed and tighten transient response.

  • Mixing & Mastering – The collection provides high-quality reverbs, delays, chorusing and EQs to polish and add depth to mixes. Compressors and limiters tighten up dynamics and level inconsistencies.

Creative producers can blend these effects to design completely unique processing chains. For example, running vocals through the Buchla Easel’s preamp into the Dimension D chorus and Rev Plate-140 reverb creates a lush, retro vocal sound. The possibilities are endless!

Conclusion & Comparison

With over 20 pro-grade plugins based on legendary analog units, the Arturia FX Collection Keygen delivers an immense cache of sounds and tones. The high-quality emulations provide unmatched creative control to shape any audio source.

While competitors like Native Instruments, Eventide and Waves offer their own sets of effects, none capture the mojo and vibe of coveted vintage gear as accurately as Arturia. Their meticulous TAE? and Phi? modeling yields the richness, warmth, and quirks of the original hardware.

For producers and engineers seeking to infuse mixes with vintage character and color, Download free Arturia FX Collection Keygen is a phenomenal investment. There is no better bundle available today for mimicking the sound and feel of these iconic tools.

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